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Welcome to! presents Bay Area Short Sale Services, an experienced and trusted leading Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure Consulting Group in the Bay Area that has been actively advocating on behalf of homeowners facing foreclosure since 1995.

We strive to help homeowners, investors and lenders minimize their losses by reaching mutually amicable solutions. We hope to help stabilize the Bay Area real estate market one person at a time by creating a Win-Win Solution for everyone.

  • Homeowner WINS> Minimizes debt and obligation
  • Lender WINS> Minimizes losses
  • Investor/Buyer WINS> Maximizes profit potential

The rising number of foreclosures in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area offers both the beginner and seasoned investor ample opportunity to find profitable investments.

Some of the best buys and bargains will be in REOs (Real Estate Owned by lender), Foreclosures and Short Sales. Locating these properties is now quick and easy - and just a click away on our Web site! was created especially for you to easily access REO and Foreclosure lists for both San Francisco and the entire State of California. These lists are organized by city and county, providing you with the opportunity to analyze your investment.

Investors, visit our Real Estate Investment Analyzer to help you determine the profit potential and return on investment for the property of your choice. Contact the experts to help you find the best invetments.

Homeowners in need of immediate assistance call @ 415-412-8721. We are here to Help!

Our ultimate goal is to find "A Win-Win Solution for Everyone!"